Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 Weeks Out

I just ate and I feel like I could eat an entire restaurant right now....such is 2 weeks out I guess. Not gonna lie, this week was hard and kinda sucked. All week I've been like "why am I doing this? What's the point? I'm hungry and tastes good and I love it!" This week Julie told me to stop anything with caffeine in it because I was having such a terrible time sleeping...big mistake! Apparently, caffeine was the last thing separating me and a walking zombie so basically now I'm the zombie. So, I'm going to add back in 1/2 the amount that I was taking before, just so I can get through my workouts and my day. Lifts have been so pathetic, I'm embarrassed in the weight room. I actually picked up an 8lb dumbbell for bicep curls the other day :-( I'm only breaking like 140bpm on my cardio. Diet has been 90% but I know it needs to be 100%. I'm totally rethinking a 2nd and 3rd show, I'm just hungry and ready to eat and ready to have a raspberry framboise! (or 2...3...4)

Ok, now that I've gotten my rantings out here's the great stuff. I only have 2 weeks left!!! And I can't believe how much my body has changed in the last 17 weeks. (Oh God, it's been 17 weeks). I do want to do another show, either in the fall or next year but this off season, I'm going to make sure I stay lean enough that I can start no more than 12 weeks out, I will never ever start 19 weeks out ever again. I'm also trying to decide right now if I want to keep Julie on as my trainer for the off season. I kinda really like having someone write my diet and training plans and email them to me every week and, when I figure it out, she's less than my weekly voice lessons which I've taken a hiatus from. I still have awhile to think about it. I'm going to keep her on until atleast the end of July so that she can help me transition into the off season.

Ok, I really need the gym to open so I can go workout and not eat my house! Hope all is well with you guys :-)

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  1. OMG!! LoOK AT THOSE DELTS!! I am jealous for sure! You look great Tash, you have come SO FAR! I agree, 19 weeks is too freaking long and if you decide to do another show it would be nice just having to do 12 weeks...

    And I hear ya on re-thiking 2nd and 3rd shows. 3 is a lot. 2 is much more doable. I had 3 weeks between my shows and I know I was too relaxed with my diet those last 3 weeks...It shows in my body and my pics. I know I would not be able to have done one more day. I think we should all plan on doing OCB indy next year together or something. That will give us time to enjoy our summer, relax, improve, add muscles, whatever the case may be!!!

    I'm so pumped for your are toing to ROCK IT!!!