Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Totally Focused Ready to Smoke This!!!!

So, I got my new plan from Julie Lohre today. I've already emailed her my list of questions. Thankfully, most of the foods in my "Julie Diet" was stuff that I already have in my house so I was able to start the diet today! Things are going really well, I was only hungry once and it was my own fault because I waited too long in between meals. But, I ate as soon as I got home and made sure to eat a lot of extra veggies :-)

I took today off as a total rest day and tomorrow I'm only doing cardio. I'll start Julie's training program on Friday. I'm so excited about working with her, I think she'll be a perfect fit.

Ok, going to eat my berries and ff coolwhip now. :-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Excited!!!

So I have some exciting news to share....I just hired a full contest prep coach...Julie Lohre!!! I'm so excited and feel so good about my decision. Even though I'm a personal trainer and can do my own training and cardio plans I just want all of the guess work taken out of it for me. I talked to Julie on the phone today and she is exactly what I need, so positive and receptive to questions. And I get to eat oatmeal for breakfast! I have complex carbs back in my life!!! I'm so excited to work with her. She said that she definitly thinks I'll be ready for the May 16th show and that I should do a couple other shows within that month or so window since I'll be in shape and ready anyway. In the long run she'd like to see me build more muscle, especially in my upper body so, I'll probably make my last show sometime in July and have August- January or so to build some nice muscle for the next, I'm planning really far out, but working with Julie now it just all seems so much more possible.

In other news, I had an awesome 2nd workout today. Awhile back I found this Jamie Eason workout on and I used parts of it and changed parts of it for my workout today. It's great when you can't bring yourself to do another treadmill workout...

(12 reps of each exercise)
1- Pop Squats
2- Jumping Jacks
3- Butt Kick Runs
4- Jumping Switch Lunges
5- Mountain Climbers
6- High Knee Runs
7- Crunches
8- Push Ups
9- Kettle Bell Swings

Do entire sequence as a circuit. Rest for 1-2min and repeat. I did 4 rounds which took about 25-30mins. including a 3min warm up. My heart rate was at 80-90% max for almost the entire time!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Progress Pics

So, I'm posting them, keep in mind that I lose very slowly and I have my period...

Ok, first my starting pics from December 22nd, 2008

Now, my current pics from today, Jan. 25th, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey Girls,

So, major victory today. I had a crazy busy day, it's my TOM and I just lowered my cals by 100 per day; so, a lot going on. Anyway, I sang at a church service tonight and afterwards they had refreshments. Soooo much good tasting, non contest friendly 12 feet worth. I went right to the veggies and ate those, did not even touch the lmon bar that was whispering my name :-). I'm very proud of myself. I'm most likely taking up date pics tomorrow and, if I get the courage, I'll post them. Have a great night all!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

WOOHOO!!! I made it to my goal of not cheating for 5 days! That means I'm going to get my nails done tomorrow. Today at 6pm my young adult small group from church is having a pot luck dinner. I'm making cranberry-pineapple sugar free jello mini cups, low carb korean turkey meatballs and a ceasar salad. Even though the pot luck is my cheat meal, I don't want to go overboard so I figured I would make stuff that I know is cheat friendly so no matter what else is at the pot luck I know I can eat that.

I didn't get to church today because we got some unexpected snow last night and my husband called me and said that the roads were not really good. Our church is 25min from our house and it's up on a hill so I decided not to risk it. I've already put in my 45min of cardio and I'm going back to the gym this afternoon to do legs and plyo and train a client. I don't usually work on Sundays but my client is going on vacation on the 22nd and I'm trying to get her started on a good program before she leaves. She's lots of fun so I don't mind the Sunday training session.

Ok, well, I'm off to cook. Hope you all are having a great day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry I haven't added to my blog is way too long. To be honest, I had about 4 really tough diet days in a row and didn't want to fess up to them. But I'm on a roll right now and doing really well. I've found that bribing myself really helps my motivation. For example, this week, if don't cheat until my scheduled cheat this Sunday, then I get to go get a manicure on Monday. Next week, if I'm on plan on week then I get to buy new nonstick cookware (which I desperately need), the week after that it's a massage! I think right now it's just hard because 17 weeks of prep is just such a long time so staying motivated only by the fact that in 17 weeks I'll be on stage has just not been enough, I need smaller goal markers.

I have also tweeked my plan so that I stay within my macros but have more variety in my meals. I hate boring food and so eating the same thing 7 days a week will not work for me. But I've found ways to be creative while staying on plan.

Right now I'm at work eating greek yogurt mixed with Nectar Protein Powder and 1/2T sugar free pistacio pudding mix....SOOOO GOOOODD!!! I just finished a great upperbody workout and then 45min of cardio split evenly between the stepmill, treadmill and bike. My arms were so hard and pumped after I finished it was awesome. Ok, I have 10min. to get ready before my last 2 clients of the day arrive. Hope all is well with you guys.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun Cardio Today!!

I just got back from an awesome cardio session. Who knew fasted cardio could be so fun! But I felt great, had so much energy and totally kept my heart rate up the whole time.
I did 20 minutes on the stepmill at level 5, followed by 15minutes on the elliptical, followed by 10minutes of run/walk intervals on the treadmill. Now, I'm eating my first meal of the day...oranges, eggs, and veggies, then getting ready to go to work at the gym.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodmorning Everyone!

Meals went really well yesterday. I did not add the extra almonds like I said I would, I did add 1/2 and orange to Meal 1 and 1/2 to Meal 6 and switched my first meal from 6 eggwhites to 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Much better! And, I lost .8lbs yesterday! Today I have upperbody and cardio this morning and on Monday night's a take an adult hip hop class. So, here's the deal with me and hip hop..I absolutely SUCK!!! But I love it because it's a challenge. I've been doing ballet, tap, jazz...all those styles for so long, and you get used to all the "rules" that those styles have and then I started taking hip hop where it's totally about breaking all those's really hard to just stop following all the things that it took you years learn. But I still love it. My mom is really excited because she gets to see me in my recital (yes, our class is in the recital) and since I'm 27, it's been awhile since I've had a recital.

Ok, so, I'm eating my 2nd meal of the day and then I'm going to continue being lazy for awhile (today is my day off from everything work!), and then get up and get my butt in gear for the rest of the day. Hope you all are having great ones!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2...Could Be Better

So, yesterday, the official start day of Comp. prep went really well. There was one meal where I waited a little too long to eat and my blood sugar went low and I felt a little shaky but after I got some food in me I was good today.

Today, I had another blood sugar issue. My diet is low in complex carbs (or any carbs for that matter) because of my PCOS. However, I think I need some fruit carbs in the first meal of my day, after my 1st cardio session, because by then my blood sugar just feels really low. So yeah, I was at work and started feeling kinda queezy and shakey again. I thought it might still be the stomach flu but when I think back on it, I think it was more likely a dip in my bloodsugar. Well, of course I didn't have anything sugary with me (who needs the temptation) so I drank a snapple iced tea from the vending machine and had 2 small christmas cookies (ok, 4 cookies!). I immediately started feeling better. I really trust my coach but I also know how my body is. I went back into my old diet journals and looked at my meals even then, when I was losing at a really nice pace, I didn't take all fruit out. So, for now, I think I'm going to have 1/2 an orange with my Meal 1 and 1/2 with my Meal 6. I'm also upping my almonds from 1/3oz to 1oz per day because I think I do better with a little more fat. If I try this for a week and I'm not losing then I'll pull 1/2 the orange out and 1/2 an ounce of almonds but I think this will work and keep my blood sugar more level.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of Figure Competition Prep....Maybe Not

Goodmorning and Happy New Year to all reading this! I'm so excited about starting my journey towards my first competition. I am working with Tracey Greenwood, 2008 2nd Place Finisher of Miss Figure Olympia. She lives close to me and teaches at the university that my husband is getting his master's degree at. My competition isn't until May 16th but we're starting early because 1)I have a lot of work to do in order to be ready and competitive 2) I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which produces multiple symptoms, among them weight gain, hard time losing weight, insulin resistence. She's doing my diet, cardio and posing practice for comp, I'm doing my weight training because I'm a personal trainer and am confident that I can put together a program that will work for me. I did find a local figure comp. team that I will be meeting with from time to time for workouts and extra posing practice but most of it is on me, which is how it should be.

So, right off the bat most of my complex carbohydrates are gone, except my beloved PWO rice cakes! Also, I'm doing 4 days a week of 2 a day cardio...I need a good book. The reason for the crazy cardio is so that, hopefully, it will shock my body into losing a good amount of fat the first 4 weeks and then we can ease up on the cardio...I cannot be that girl that does 3hours of cardio a day., the reason there is a "Maybe not.." on the end of today's title is because, last night, right after stepping foot into Texas Roadhouse for my last big cheat before contest prep, I started feeling really queezy, I thought it would pass but it didn't and I started getting concerned about throwing up in my booth and freaking out all of the New Year's Eve goers around me. So, I asked my husband to ask the waitress to make our food "to go" and I went a curled up in a ball in the car. For the next 5 hours I had the miserable stomach flu. I HATE THE STOMACH FLU!!!

I'll save you the details but sufice to say I did not get my first taste of my cheat meal until 3am this morning when I finally started feeling better. Oh, and my husband had bought all of the ingredients for chocolate fondu :-(. So, now that my stomach and I are starting to feel better, I'm going to enjoy my cheat meal the way I should have yesterday and start tomorrow, January 2nd! That will still be 19weeks and 1 day away from my competition.