Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Excited!!!

So I have some exciting news to share....I just hired a full contest prep coach...Julie Lohre!!! I'm so excited and feel so good about my decision. Even though I'm a personal trainer and can do my own training and cardio plans I just want all of the guess work taken out of it for me. I talked to Julie on the phone today and she is exactly what I need, so positive and receptive to questions. And I get to eat oatmeal for breakfast! I have complex carbs back in my life!!! I'm so excited to work with her. She said that she definitly thinks I'll be ready for the May 16th show and that I should do a couple other shows within that month or so window since I'll be in shape and ready anyway. In the long run she'd like to see me build more muscle, especially in my upper body so, I'll probably make my last show sometime in July and have August- January or so to build some nice muscle for the next, I'm planning really far out, but working with Julie now it just all seems so much more possible.

In other news, I had an awesome 2nd workout today. Awhile back I found this Jamie Eason workout on and I used parts of it and changed parts of it for my workout today. It's great when you can't bring yourself to do another treadmill workout...

(12 reps of each exercise)
1- Pop Squats
2- Jumping Jacks
3- Butt Kick Runs
4- Jumping Switch Lunges
5- Mountain Climbers
6- High Knee Runs
7- Crunches
8- Push Ups
9- Kettle Bell Swings

Do entire sequence as a circuit. Rest for 1-2min and repeat. I did 4 rounds which took about 25-30mins. including a 3min warm up. My heart rate was at 80-90% max for almost the entire time!


  1. WHAT?!!! GIRL!!! Is this what you were saying you were going to call me about? I follow Julie's blog here on blogger but have never paid to be part of her official group. She's great though!! What happened to the other?? Email me or call me and let me know, I want to talk to you about this!!!

    YAY!!! I'm so happy for you. This is going to be good. PS: YAY CARBS!!!!

  2. I'm very excited to watch your transformation w/ Julie's supervision. Enjoy that oatmeal! :)