Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Weeks Out!!!

Wow, I'm so excited and can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. Last Saturday I went to a competition prep camp where we did some posing. It really helped and I'm finally starting to feel ready. I also have a session with a posing coach on Wednesday so hopefully I've got those bases covered. Nothing all that new to report. My life has been crazy the past few weeks and the lack of carbs is effecting my sleep. Julie, my coach, recommended I cut out caffeine but some days I feel like that's the only thing keeping me running. I'm going to try to cut back and see if that helps. I was able to get 8 solid hours of sleep last night which felt soooo much better.

I start a new training program on Monday but Julie hasn't emailed it to me yet, I so want to know what's next. Ok, have great days! :-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Major Blog Slacker

Hey Girls,

I'm totally a major blog slacker I know but I thought you'd forgive me if I came bearing gifts of progress pics. I still can't figure this stupid image thing out so I was only able to get my front pose on here. :( Ok, so in a nut shell, here's what's been going on....

1- Julie changed my diet a bit 2 weeks ago, I get fruit every day and I have 3 high carb days now!! WOOHOO. I also got a 600 calorie a week cheat meal back!!!

2- My cardio is up to 7 sessions of 36min each.

3- Last week I hit the competition low energy wall and last week was really really hard both diet and training wise. I expect to have a better week this week.

4- Lots of people are noticing my progress

5- I bought 2 skirts from Lord and Taylor and they were a size 2!!!

6- My suit stoning is going great!

7- I'm 6 weeks out from my show!!!!!!

So, I've already decided my after show eats. In my bag I will have Kix cereal and a twix bar. My family and i are going to Ihop and I'm going to have pancakes, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns. I'm so excited, I even called the Ihop in Allentown (where the competition is) and asked what time they were open until on Saturdays (midnight). Sunday I'll do some yummy eats and then Monday is back in full gear because I'm doing a 2nd comp on May 30th and also one on June 20th.
I promise to post more often and I hope you are all doing well. :-)