Monday, April 6, 2009

Major Blog Slacker

Hey Girls,

I'm totally a major blog slacker I know but I thought you'd forgive me if I came bearing gifts of progress pics. I still can't figure this stupid image thing out so I was only able to get my front pose on here. :( Ok, so in a nut shell, here's what's been going on....

1- Julie changed my diet a bit 2 weeks ago, I get fruit every day and I have 3 high carb days now!! WOOHOO. I also got a 600 calorie a week cheat meal back!!!

2- My cardio is up to 7 sessions of 36min each.

3- Last week I hit the competition low energy wall and last week was really really hard both diet and training wise. I expect to have a better week this week.

4- Lots of people are noticing my progress

5- I bought 2 skirts from Lord and Taylor and they were a size 2!!!

6- My suit stoning is going great!

7- I'm 6 weeks out from my show!!!!!!

So, I've already decided my after show eats. In my bag I will have Kix cereal and a twix bar. My family and i are going to Ihop and I'm going to have pancakes, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns. I'm so excited, I even called the Ihop in Allentown (where the competition is) and asked what time they were open until on Saturdays (midnight). Sunday I'll do some yummy eats and then Monday is back in full gear because I'm doing a 2nd comp on May 30th and also one on June 20th.
I promise to post more often and I hope you are all doing well. :-)


  1. Slacker! LOL!

    Glad to see you posting again! :)

  2. LOL!!! If it weren't for our communication outside of blogger I would have thought you fell off the figure wagon or died!! Tash, you look so good. You are doing SUPER FAB and all it takes is a few postitive comments from others to keep you right back at it. You will have a better week this week, for sure. I LOVE the suit color, BTW. I can't wait to see it all completed! :)

    You're doing the May 30th show too? OCB INDY? OMG if you're doing that, I swear I'm the ONLY friend on blogger out of all these girls not doing it and I'm going be to so sad to miss it. My friends are getting married that day and I CAN"T miss their wedding.

    OH! I was going to tell you this in the email I was supposed to write to you earlier, IHOP IS TOO FUNNY! That is going to be my meal after my 2nd show! I've had it planned for FOREVER! My first one is going to be Mexican for sure b/c I've been craving queso and nachos for a min! I wanted to go to IHOP the next morning for bfast but TIm says no, next day I'm back on the diet too because I have a show on may 2nd.

    Omg I have so much to post about my mind is going a mile a min. even though my body is moving in slow-mo!

    SO you're doing a June show? Dang girl, you're gonna be sO SICK of dieting! When and where is that?? :)

  3. Wow, you look awesome!! I love IHOP and actually had that after my last figure competition. I also had a stash of Twix :) Good luck on your show!