Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carb Cycling Update

Hey Girls,

Ok, I'm almost done with day 3 of carb cycling. Monday and today were low days, Tuesday was a high day. So far, very good. I've lost 4lbs! Some of it might be water weight because carbs retain water and my sodium has been a little lower lately but I'll take it! My clothes, especially skirts and pants are getting way too big so that's a lot of fun. The only down side is that my lifts have not been as good; not as much strength and power. Hopefully that will return. Well, I have to be at work at 4:30am tomorrow so I'm about to head to bed. Have great nights!

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Diet Plan

Goodmorning All,

Ok, I know I'm always popping in here and giving you the shortest blog ever...sorry about that but I'm about to do it again :LOL:,

I just got a new diet plan from Julie yesterday and it starts today. I'm carb cycling now. It's my first time cycling so I'm nervous and excited all in one. She also added a thermo to my diet. I had been taking one when I was working with Tracey, I liked it but I went off it when I started working with Julie. Well, Julie recommended a different one but I'm going to go back on the one I already have since A-I liked it and B- I still have 1-1/2 bottles left.
I don't sleep well when I'm on low carbs so I just ordered Black Ops, which is a night time fat burner that's supposed to help with sleep. I hope it works. I also tend to feel woozy when I'm on super low carbs so I'm making sure to eat a ton of veggies (which are still unlimited) to hopefully offset the wooze.

I'm off to the gym now. I have progress pics that I have to post but I'm not sure I'll get to them today. Hope you all are having great days! :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great News!!!!

I ordered my suit today!!!! I kept going back and forth between 2 different colors but, after consulting with my husband, I decided on a medium toned sparkly cranberry in velvet! It's really pretty and I'm super excited for it to get here. The ppl at ccfitwear said that it should be 2 weeks or less! Wow, that means I gotta really bust my butt so I can fit into the thing :LOL:

Ok, I know this was a short blog but I have to go teach dance and order sample stones and stuff. I'll give you the longer low down later. Have great days!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Waving Farewell to our Friend the Cheat Meal

So, my cheat meals have been taken away indefintly :-(. I gotta say I'm really sad and now have to start pumping out some new diet friendly but fun receipes to get me through. Part of me is very ok with the removal of the cheats. I am not at 13 weeks and so close to being in the teens, body fat wise, I just want to bust through that door and see what I can do within the next 3 weeks before I hit 10 weeks out.

Oh, I made an awesome trade with the massage therapist who works at my gym. She's giving me 4 massages in exchange for me stoning her comp. suit and buying the first $50 worth of stones. I'm so excited about this trade because I really need a massage but with all the money contest prep is costing me, I just couldn't see spending anymore, and now I don't have to!

Ok, I just ate, I think I'm going to head to the gym to get in glutes/back/and 15min on the stepmill. Have great days everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009

One More Day

I'm really craving carbs today. Not at all actually hungry, just want some good, cakey, can't possibly be good for you, sugary, carbs. My cheat meal is tomorrow so I'm working very hard at keeping it together today. And it doesn't help that everyone is throwing food at me! On Thursday one of my dancers gave me a hung bar of Hershey's Chocolate for Valentine's Day. Very sweet of her but not what I needed. So, know what I did? When my teen class came in, I opened the bar and handed out pieces to everyone LOL! I know I should be teaching them good nutrition but alittle chocolate now and then isn't bad for you right? And it was better they eat it then me! Then, today, one of the regulars brought me in a homemade cranberry muffin. Ok, so I broke off a small piece of that and ate it but then I threw the rest in the garbage so I wouldn't be tempted. I felt really bad about throwing it away but there was no way that thing was going to make it to my house to give to Derrick, I would have eatten it before then.

So yeah, here I am now, trying to not think about the cereal above the fridge or the high protein Tri-o-plex cookies in the cupboard or the Dunkin Donuts Down the Street :sobbing fake tears: I hate this feeling! But just think, tomorrow night I will be enjoying a nice, much anticipated, worked for cheat instead of some spur of the moment, thrown together "right because it's right now" crap. Ok, I can do this...One More Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So, today I had a tooth taken out :-( I'm not in pain so that's good and so far no major swelling (alittle that I notice but none that other ppl would). But, the dentist said that I can't lift or do any cardio that would elevate my heart rate past 120 for 48hours. That SUCKS!!! So, I'm going to email Julie and figure out how to modify my lifting schedule for the week so that I can get atleast most of my remaining workouts in. Tomorrow I'm just going to do some steady state treadmill walking and make sure I keep my heart rate below 120 (but just alittle below!).

Oh, great news, my body fat is down another 2% as of today! oh, I think I posted that as a comment earlier today in my blog but oh well...I'm super excited! That's 7% I've lost since November 24th when I first took it. What's really interesting is that a 7% fat loss has only resulted in a 5lb weight loss. I hope that means I'm building some quality muscle or something.

In other good news, I got a new personal training client today. Well, he starts with me tomorrow but he hired me today. I really like training guys because I feel like I the way I work out is more comperable to the way guys want their workouts to be. Does that make sense? Like, sometimes, when I show females deadlifts or clean and presses they're a little more intimidated than guys are. So, I'm excited to aid in the tranformation of another person. It's an awesome journey.

Ok, sorry, I'm getting all phylosopical (and I can't spell- LOL!). Hope all is well with you guys.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Progress- (Pics to Come)

Hey All my Blog Followers,

Sorry I've been a slacker lately. I will try to work on posting more frequently. Things have been going well with training. I took a new set of pics the other day and I look leaner and tighter. The only issue is that my weight has gone up by5lbs in the last week. I emailed Julie and we're trying to pinpoint why. She wanted me to skip my cheat meal for this week to see how that would work but it's Valentine's Day on Saturday and Derrick and I made plans awhile ago to go out for Thai food. So, I emailed her and explained and told her that after Saturday if she wanted to take my cheat away for a couple weeks, I could do that.

My meals today were very tasty and very creative. I made a blueberry loaf based off of one made by Genie, a fellow blogger. So good. It was like a big blueberry muffin (with 1t of sf blackberry jelly on top). Then, for my 4th meal I had a single serve container of 0% greek yogurt mixed w/ a container of sugar free dark chocolate pudding, mixed w/ 1scoop BSN, 2oz blueberries and 80g of good!!! And it's a total meal.

Speaking of meals. My small group is having a pot luck on Sunday at our house. I need to stay on plan and am trying to think of what I can make that I can eat. I think I'll do a veggie tray and maybe some baked chicken or low carb turkey meatloaf. Any other suggestions. I'd also like to figure out a dessert that I can do so that I'm not tempted by the brownies that I know will be there...Ok hope everyone is doing well. I have to get up early tomorrow to lift so I'm heading to be. Have great night!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Feel Fluffy

So, this is the first full week of my prep with Julie and, it's body fat is down by almost 1% but I feel more fluffy then I did last week. I have been working my butt off in the gym and, speaking of butts, have finally (in the last 2 days) starting seeing a difference in the glutius maximus area. But, my obliques had started sticking around for most of the day...they're now just there in the mornings again. Maybe I'm holding water because of sodium? It's no where near my TOM so that's not it. It's just frustrating because I've lowered my cals, am intense in my workouts and feel fluffier. What gives?

Anyway, on a brighter note, Julie's workouts are killer and I love them. Today I did a upper body plyo drill that included explosive push ups....ummm yeah, first tried it on my toes, fell on my face, then tried it on my knees, fell on my face, finally had to do it against the wall :blushing: so totally embarrassing! But my workout was so fun and my arms are still screaming at me 2 hours later!...Ok, I'm going to drink more water and hopefully get rid of the fluffy feeling.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

News and Stuff

Goodmorning Girls,

This week has been wonderful diet wise. I'm so excited about working with Julie and I love my meals and that I have so many choices. Today I get a cheat meal. I've been having trouble deciding what to eat because I'm not really craving anything (which is definitly a good thing). I've finally decided to sesame chicken w/o rice, extra broccoli, 2 raisin cookies, and 3 sugar free dark chocolate cherry cordials. The raisin cookies are so amazing. I get them from a bakery at the farmer's market and they're basically cookies that are stuffed with raisins. Sooooo good!!!

Yesterday was the first day I did Julie's weight training plan. It kicked my butt!! But I'm not as sore as I thought I would be. Yesterday was quads/back/abs and 35min of interval cardio. Today is delts/abs/plyo. My weight has been steadily dropping all week. It's nice to see big changes on the scale each day. Tomorrow that will probably not be the case because of my cheat meal. I'm worried about the sodium most of all so I'm really hitting the water hard today.

In other news...I am NOT pregnanat!!! LOL, let me explain. So, there has been this weird stomach flu that has been going around our area for like 2months now. It's like a 12-24 hour thing where you feel like crap and then you're ok, but lots of ppl have been getting it 2-3 times before it's finally really over. Well, as you may remember, I had it on New Year's Eve. It came back!!! Friday morning at like 2am, I woke up feeling really weird and weak, sometimes my blood sugar gets low so I thought it was that. So, I woke Derrick up and asked him to get me 1/2 an orange and some water. By the time he got back from the kitchen, I was puking in the trash can :-( , I felt better and then I fell back asleep. I had to be to work at the gym at 4:30 in the morning. When I first got up I felt ok but as I started getting ready I started feel nauseaus again. I didn't throw up but I was like, there is no way I can work 6 hours. So, I went into work and started calling ppl to see if they could sub for me (yes, at 5am, I'm now their favorite person). No one could come in so I finally called the owner and he ended up driving in to work the front desk. Derrick was so worried about me that he followed me to work and stayed with me until my boss came so I could go home. I have such an amazing husband. Oh, so back to why I'm not pregnant. So yesterday, I had to work and instantly ppl were like "you've had this stomach thing 2 times this month, maybe you're pregnant" and I keep saying "I'm not pregnant". Finally, this one woman I work with would not take no for an answer, she was like "how far along do you think you are?"....even though I know that A-I'm on birth control B- I have PCOS C- I have a bicornuate uterus, all of which makes it really difficult for me to get pregnant, it still started freaking me out a little. All I could think of was "I do not want to have to start contest prep all over again in 9 months" LOL, isn't that terrible???! So, this morning I finally went to the store, got a pregnancy test and peed on the stick. Sure enough, I'm not pregnant!!! Derrick and I want to have kids...eventually but he's in grad school and working full time right now and I have like 80 jobs so there's just no way right now.

Ok, that's the end of my stories for the day. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day!