Friday, February 13, 2009

One More Day

I'm really craving carbs today. Not at all actually hungry, just want some good, cakey, can't possibly be good for you, sugary, carbs. My cheat meal is tomorrow so I'm working very hard at keeping it together today. And it doesn't help that everyone is throwing food at me! On Thursday one of my dancers gave me a hung bar of Hershey's Chocolate for Valentine's Day. Very sweet of her but not what I needed. So, know what I did? When my teen class came in, I opened the bar and handed out pieces to everyone LOL! I know I should be teaching them good nutrition but alittle chocolate now and then isn't bad for you right? And it was better they eat it then me! Then, today, one of the regulars brought me in a homemade cranberry muffin. Ok, so I broke off a small piece of that and ate it but then I threw the rest in the garbage so I wouldn't be tempted. I felt really bad about throwing it away but there was no way that thing was going to make it to my house to give to Derrick, I would have eatten it before then.

So yeah, here I am now, trying to not think about the cereal above the fridge or the high protein Tri-o-plex cookies in the cupboard or the Dunkin Donuts Down the Street :sobbing fake tears: I hate this feeling! But just think, tomorrow night I will be enjoying a nice, much anticipated, worked for cheat instead of some spur of the moment, thrown together "right because it's right now" crap. Ok, I can do this...One More Day!

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  1. You can TOTALLY DO IT!!! BESIDES, it will taste so much better when it's earned rather than 'stolen'. You already gave away a hershey bar and threw out 99% of a muffin. Don't let those snacks die in vain. LOL!! DON'TDO IT!

    How is your tooth/mouth feeling today?