Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Progress- (Pics to Come)

Hey All my Blog Followers,

Sorry I've been a slacker lately. I will try to work on posting more frequently. Things have been going well with training. I took a new set of pics the other day and I look leaner and tighter. The only issue is that my weight has gone up by5lbs in the last week. I emailed Julie and we're trying to pinpoint why. She wanted me to skip my cheat meal for this week to see how that would work but it's Valentine's Day on Saturday and Derrick and I made plans awhile ago to go out for Thai food. So, I emailed her and explained and told her that after Saturday if she wanted to take my cheat away for a couple weeks, I could do that.

My meals today were very tasty and very creative. I made a blueberry loaf based off of one made by Genie, a fellow blogger. So good. It was like a big blueberry muffin (with 1t of sf blackberry jelly on top). Then, for my 4th meal I had a single serve container of 0% greek yogurt mixed w/ a container of sugar free dark chocolate pudding, mixed w/ 1scoop BSN, 2oz blueberries and 80g of good!!! And it's a total meal.

Speaking of meals. My small group is having a pot luck on Sunday at our house. I need to stay on plan and am trying to think of what I can make that I can eat. I think I'll do a veggie tray and maybe some baked chicken or low carb turkey meatloaf. Any other suggestions. I'd also like to figure out a dessert that I can do so that I'm not tempted by the brownies that I know will be there...Ok hope everyone is doing well. I have to get up early tomorrow to lift so I'm heading to be. Have great night!


  1. Hey! Did you mean your weight went up by 5lbs or .5?? I can't imagine it went up 5lbs!! Even so, if you are leaner and tighter looking, that is what will matter the most, right?!

    As far as your cheat meals go, I would totally (after v-day) agree with cutting them out until you feel you're ahead of the game. It's going to be hard, but a lot of us do it with minimal cheat meals. I think in the end, you will more happy with the outcome than you would be uhappy during your diet. Does that make sense?

    When I wasn't losing like I wanted to, I had to go hard-core and remove the diary and little things like sugar in my fruits and stuff. True, I don't get as many pleasing snacks now, but the mirror is pleasing me to replace it...

    For your thing this weekend - Make some salsa chicken! It's so freaking easy, and tasty, and GUILT FREE! Let me know if want directions, or maybe I will post on my blog. Now I need to check out Genie's recipe!

    Keep up the good work Tasha!

  2. No, I meant 5lbs. But what's really weird is that, as of today, my body fat is down another 2% from just 1-1/2 weeks ago! Bodies are so strange. I would totally love the receipe for the salsa chicken. That sounds like something I can have on plan!