Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carb Cycling Update

Hey Girls,

Ok, I'm almost done with day 3 of carb cycling. Monday and today were low days, Tuesday was a high day. So far, very good. I've lost 4lbs! Some of it might be water weight because carbs retain water and my sodium has been a little lower lately but I'll take it! My clothes, especially skirts and pants are getting way too big so that's a lot of fun. The only down side is that my lifts have not been as good; not as much strength and power. Hopefully that will return. Well, I have to be at work at 4:30am tomorrow so I'm about to head to bed. Have great nights!


  1. Hey girlie! Unfortunately, when dieting, you will see loss of strength and you will feel weaker. Just push through it and concentrate on trying to keep the muscle you do have. :)

  2. Tash! Sounds like you're on a roll. Keep it up!! I saw instant results at first with the water and stuff too, but it's still fun!! :) My clothes are a little big on me, but nothing major. The first few days of carb cycling were ok for me, but then I went through a really rough spot with cravings. I don't think it will be too hard for you though, as you've been kinda doing lower carbs this whole time...However once my body got used to it, I felt back in the game! My lifting power went down too, and that has returned some lately - but I know part of it is for sure my mentality about it all and how things are going that gives me the guts to lift heavy. I can't wait to hear and see how the next few weeks go for you!!