Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So, today I had a tooth taken out :-( I'm not in pain so that's good and so far no major swelling (alittle that I notice but none that other ppl would). But, the dentist said that I can't lift or do any cardio that would elevate my heart rate past 120 for 48hours. That SUCKS!!! So, I'm going to email Julie and figure out how to modify my lifting schedule for the week so that I can get atleast most of my remaining workouts in. Tomorrow I'm just going to do some steady state treadmill walking and make sure I keep my heart rate below 120 (but just alittle below!).

Oh, great news, my body fat is down another 2% as of today! oh, I think I posted that as a comment earlier today in my blog but oh well...I'm super excited! That's 7% I've lost since November 24th when I first took it. What's really interesting is that a 7% fat loss has only resulted in a 5lb weight loss. I hope that means I'm building some quality muscle or something.

In other good news, I got a new personal training client today. Well, he starts with me tomorrow but he hired me today. I really like training guys because I feel like I the way I work out is more comperable to the way guys want their workouts to be. Does that make sense? Like, sometimes, when I show females deadlifts or clean and presses they're a little more intimidated than guys are. So, I'm excited to aid in the tranformation of another person. It's an awesome journey.

Ok, sorry, I'm getting all phylosopical (and I can't spell- LOL!). Hope all is well with you guys.

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  1. I hope your tooth (or lack thereof lol) is still feeling okay! Two days off really should do no harm this far out.

    Congrats on your new client!!