Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry I haven't added to my blog is way too long. To be honest, I had about 4 really tough diet days in a row and didn't want to fess up to them. But I'm on a roll right now and doing really well. I've found that bribing myself really helps my motivation. For example, this week, if don't cheat until my scheduled cheat this Sunday, then I get to go get a manicure on Monday. Next week, if I'm on plan on week then I get to buy new nonstick cookware (which I desperately need), the week after that it's a massage! I think right now it's just hard because 17 weeks of prep is just such a long time so staying motivated only by the fact that in 17 weeks I'll be on stage has just not been enough, I need smaller goal markers.

I have also tweeked my plan so that I stay within my macros but have more variety in my meals. I hate boring food and so eating the same thing 7 days a week will not work for me. But I've found ways to be creative while staying on plan.

Right now I'm at work eating greek yogurt mixed with Nectar Protein Powder and 1/2T sugar free pistacio pudding mix....SOOOO GOOOODD!!! I just finished a great upperbody workout and then 45min of cardio split evenly between the stepmill, treadmill and bike. My arms were so hard and pumped after I finished it was awesome. Ok, I have 10min. to get ready before my last 2 clients of the day arrive. Hope all is well with you guys.

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  1. Sounds like you know what works for you! To each their own! You're going to be great at this, just keep it up!