Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey Girls,

So, major victory today. I had a crazy busy day, it's my TOM and I just lowered my cals by 100 per day; so, a lot going on. Anyway, I sang at a church service tonight and afterwards they had refreshments. Soooo much good tasting, non contest friendly 12 feet worth. I went right to the veggies and ate those, did not even touch the lmon bar that was whispering my name :-). I'm very proud of myself. I'm most likely taking up date pics tomorrow and, if I get the courage, I'll post them. Have a great night all!

1 comment:

  1. Have the courage to post them!! There is no one on here that doesn't want you to succeed!! I can't wait to see your progress.
    Good for you for passing up lemon bars, they are prob. one of my top 5!! I made Tim a chocolate cake today, and yes, I did lick the spoon, so you are stronger than I am!!