Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of Figure Competition Prep....Maybe Not

Goodmorning and Happy New Year to all reading this! I'm so excited about starting my journey towards my first competition. I am working with Tracey Greenwood, 2008 2nd Place Finisher of Miss Figure Olympia. She lives close to me and teaches at the university that my husband is getting his master's degree at. My competition isn't until May 16th but we're starting early because 1)I have a lot of work to do in order to be ready and competitive 2) I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which produces multiple symptoms, among them weight gain, hard time losing weight, insulin resistence. She's doing my diet, cardio and posing practice for comp, I'm doing my weight training because I'm a personal trainer and am confident that I can put together a program that will work for me. I did find a local figure comp. team that I will be meeting with from time to time for workouts and extra posing practice but most of it is on me, which is how it should be.

So, right off the bat most of my complex carbohydrates are gone, except my beloved PWO rice cakes! Also, I'm doing 4 days a week of 2 a day cardio...I need a good book. The reason for the crazy cardio is so that, hopefully, it will shock my body into losing a good amount of fat the first 4 weeks and then we can ease up on the cardio...I cannot be that girl that does 3hours of cardio a day., the reason there is a "Maybe not.." on the end of today's title is because, last night, right after stepping foot into Texas Roadhouse for my last big cheat before contest prep, I started feeling really queezy, I thought it would pass but it didn't and I started getting concerned about throwing up in my booth and freaking out all of the New Year's Eve goers around me. So, I asked my husband to ask the waitress to make our food "to go" and I went a curled up in a ball in the car. For the next 5 hours I had the miserable stomach flu. I HATE THE STOMACH FLU!!!

I'll save you the details but sufice to say I did not get my first taste of my cheat meal until 3am this morning when I finally started feeling better. Oh, and my husband had bought all of the ingredients for chocolate fondu :-(. So, now that my stomach and I are starting to feel better, I'm going to enjoy my cheat meal the way I should have yesterday and start tomorrow, January 2nd! That will still be 19weeks and 1 day away from my competition.

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  1. What a terrible NYE!! I am sorry you felt so sick! I hope you are feeling better today. One day isn't going to kill ya on the diet. YOU CAN DO IT GIRLIE!!!

    BTW, I am a moderator online now on M&F Hers, so you can send your stats and before photos to me, I guess I'm supposed to hang on to all of them in a file and then I'll be sending them in to be judged by the employees there. Today is the day! Let's make it count!