Sunday, May 10, 2009

Peak Week Day 1- Last Leg Day!!!

Today is officially begins. I'm almost done with my 2.5 gallons for the day, I think I have about 2 more liters. I had 2 great workouts today, this morning 30min on the Arc trainer and this afternoon my last leg workout, 20min on the stepper, and posing practice. I have one more posing session to get done tonight. I also want to do a makeup run through. I may wait until Thursday to do my makeup run because I'm getting my extensions lengthened on Wednesday and that way I can do a hair and makeup run through. From all my years on stage I'm good with makeup and lashes and all that and have a nice collection of colors so I'm not too worried. For my fouundation, a competition makeup artist recommended ERA Face which is an airspray foundation. It was in of pricey but I think it will last awhile and it's water/sweat resistent which is always a good thing. My other makeup colors are MAC. I'm thinking purples for my eyes, they always look good on me and that's what I use for the theatre stage.

I'm so glad I'm done with work for the week after my shift at the gym on Thursday morning because I feel like I still have a lot to do. I have a little left to finish on my suit and am waiting for more crystals to arrive they should be here by tomorrow. I also need to buy an umbrella because they're calling for thunderstorms this weekend and the last thing I need is a runny tan.

Ok, I think that's all for tonight. More to come tomorrow :-)


  1. Nice job so far! You are coming in nicely and sounds like you got the makeup part down. I was stressing on that one with my first comp and i love using purple on my eyes. Can't wait to hear about how your experience went with your show!

  2. OH boy, I'm getting so excited for you!! I thought the day before the show was the most fun day for me. I had the day off work, and was running around getting sprayed and going through the checklist and packing my cooler and what not...good times! The aniticipation was at it's maximum and I loved it. Looking forward to it again already!

    I think purple will be nice, too. And let me know what you think about that airspray makeup. I bought the jan-tana makeup and never even used it, I ended up using Loreal True Match liquid foundation and it thought it was great!

    2.5 gals...barf. LOL!