Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Workouts Done! All Diet and Water from here!

WOOHOO!!! They're done, they're done!!! No more cardio, no more weights. (Can you tell I'm alittle excited???) I'm ready for a little break and don't intend to go to the gym for a week after my comp. I'm long over do for a gym break and I think my body will thank me.

My hamstrings are mega sore from my workout on Sunday. I foam rolled and stretched this morning and tonight so I'm hoping they start to loosen up. I have a massage scheduled for Friday morning and am sooo excited!!!

Tomorrow is my last shift at work until after competition. Unfortunately it's the 5am-10am shift so I have to get up at fun! But once it's done, it's done for while. I'm going to come home after work and take a little nap then go to get my nails done, come home and finish my suit (have a couple stones left, I procrastinate), then paint my toe nails, prep my food for Friday and start to pack my comp bag [making a list, checking it twice]. Ok, I'm starting to fall asleep and I still have chicken to eat. Hasta la pasta!


  1. GOOD LUCK this weekend! i can so feel your excitement about last workout and cardio! i just finished my last cardio session before the show and i am SO HAPPY! i am taking a week off also!
    anyways,best of luck,stay positive,stay focused and just do your best ad youwill walk away a winner!!! :)cant wait to see show pics!!!

  2. This is when it gets fun! I'm sitting here commenting you and looking at the seconds on your count-down tick away into oblivion. You will never be the same. Congratulations Tash, I am so proud of you. 1 day, 22 hours, 20 mins till you become one of the 1% of people that will ever make it to the stage. I am so excited for you- I feel emotional right now!!! I wish I could be there!