Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peak Week Plan Has Arrived

Julie emailed me my peak week plan today, I'm very excited and very nervous about peeing the bed since I'll be downing 2.5 gallons of water for 4 days in a row. Peak week plan is pretty basic and straight forward, lots of steak, asparagus, grapefruit, and fish. I get to have a glass of red wine the night before my competition, WOOHOO!!!

So, for my during the day carb up, I'm trying to decide between mini candy bars (thinking fast break or twix) or "goo" which is a mix of honey, peanut butter, and protein powder mixed with a little water. I'm thinking I'll go with the fastbreak bars! Oh, I can also do trail mix but I want something sweeter.

After this competition I've decided to take a break instead of doing a comp on May 30th and June 20th. I've been dieting for almost 20 weeks and I'm tired and hungry and just don't feel like I could give anymore prep time my all. I'm going to keep working with Julie and then start preping at the end of August for a comp on October 31st. Hopefully in working with Julie I'll stay lean enough that I can pull off a shorter prep time.

Ok, on my way to sleep. Hope you all have great night! :-)

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  1. You look Great! Have a great peak week and enjoy your cheats and then get right back to clean. I hear you on staying lean so preps aren't as grueling!!