Saturday, May 9, 2009

1 Week Out!!!

I'm sooo cloooosssseee!! I'm almost there guys...and I'm ready to be done. 19 weeks of dieting is enough for me. I'm so proud and excited and how far I've come. Yesterday was especially difficult and Julie ended up giving me the day off from training because I was just so totally drained. I'm feeling better today, still tired but better. Tomorrow I start water and sodium loading. I'm trying to figure out where I need to sit in church to make sure I have access to the bathroom since I'll probably going every 6 seconds LOL! Ok, I promise I'll be posting updates this week on what's going on during Peak Week. I can't wait to share this final week with you all!


  1. HECK YEAH! LOOK AT THAT LAT vs. WAIST RATIO!!! You look great! THis week is going to be fun and interesting~ lots of changes!

  2. Hi Tasha :) Found your blog through April :)

    Im supposed to be doing that show..its 7 weeks away...not sure im going to make it though! Hopefully!

    I train with Tony from bout you?

    Where is your show?

  3. Wishing you all the best in your upcoming comp!! You look fantastic...can I have your waist? :)

    HUGS!! --Kim

  4. Hey Angela- 7 weeks is still a lot of time, I changed so much the last 5 weeks or so. Just hit it really hard and you can totally do it! I'm doing the Lehigh Valley Championships in Allentown on May 16th. I train with Julie Lohre. Love HER!

    Hey Kim-Thanks for the support, I want your abs so maybe we can switch :-)