Monday, July 27, 2009

Carb Cycling Here We Come!!!

So, my progress has stalled. Well, it's actually non existent which is so annoying, especially since I upped my cardio this week. I lost and gained the same pound over and over this week and my progress pics look the same as when I was 17 weeks out!!!

So, yesterday I emailed Julie about my frustration and today she emailed me back. She's carb cycling me which is just what my body needs. I'm super sensitive to carbs and I have to take them really low in order for my body to really respond. I also have to cut out the cheat meals for awhile. Thursday Derrick and I leave for a long weekend away so I emailed Julie back and asked if a cheat meal for dinner on Friday and Saturday would be ok. I really hope it will because, as much as I want progress, I also want to be able to enjoy vacation food a little.

So, last time I carb cycled, I did 2 high carb days and the rest low carb. This time, Julie's starting me with an every other day cycle where I take out my 2 complex carbs every other day. Since I have more high carb days there's really no carb up on my high carb days. As much as I hate how uncomfortable carb cycling can be, I'm looking forward to the results.

Ok, that's it for now. Hasta la pasta :-)


  1. looking forward to seeing how your body will respond and how your progress pictures will look!
    17weeks out is still a long time and still time enough to tweek your nutrition until you get it fined tuned and dialed in! keep your head up though,platues are hard to get through both menatlly and physically- but once you do,you will feel amazing!
    keep up your hard work and cycle away,or whatever else that may work for you!!...

  2. Oh yeah, we totally know how unbearable (and worth it) the cycling can be. I hope she lets you cheat this weekend. Where ya going?

  3. Sounds like what i'm doing right now. Day A low carb, Day B high carb...always looking forward to day B ;) Actually after that day i'm ready not to eat as much ugh....